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About Luz Calderon, C.Ht.

Luz Calderon is the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) and founder of Purple Lotus Empowerment.   Luz is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, Empowerment Workshop Facilitator and Speaker.  Luz is a proud single mother of two beautiful beings, Jonathan, 26, who graduated from USC, Marshall School of Business and Maya, who is 13 going on 20 and continues to be one of her biggest teachers and source of inspiration.

Luz has a passion for empowering others, especially women/single mothers (having been a single mother for over 20 years) and is honored to teach the tools she has learned along her journey that will help empower participants to move beyond their blocks and limitations so that they may realize their true potential and live a life that they LOVE. 

She has facilitated her Purple Lotus Empowerment Workshops which are based on the premise that our thoughts and beliefs create the conditions of our life - for Non-Profit organizations, including Pathway Homes.  Pathway Homes is a Non-Profit organization that houses women in transition from prison, seeking support in maintaining sober lifestyles from drug addiction, alcohol, etc., wanting to make positive changes in their lives and actualize their potential. 


Luz practices Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, and is a graduate of the "Harvard" of all Hypnotherapy schools and the first accredited college in Hypnotherapy in the U.S., Hypnosis Motivation Institute, located in Tarzana, CA. 

Luz also facilitates her various workshops in the greater Los Angeles area. She has also volunteered, co-chaired and pioneered to bring Parent Workshops and Empowerment programs to her community and her daughter’s school in Culver City, CA.  She has also hosted and facilitated community events and Women’s groups on the Westside of Los Angeles, CA. 

What Hypnosis is and How it Can Benefit You

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Purple Tesla Energy Disc Testimonials

My Personal Testimony:

After having relapsed 4 times just recently in what appeared to be one of the "worst flu (cold) seasons ever" and as a single mom exerting energy of two people and getting by with only 4 - 5 hours of sleep per night, I was searching for something that would help empower my Mind, Body & Spirit and increase my energy level.  That is when I was intuitively lead to this amazing product. As soon as I received my Purple Tesla Energy Disc, I held it in my hands for just 5 minutes and immediately I noticed a shift in my energy field. I immediately began to feel stronger and felt the healing begin to take place.  

Shortly thereafter, my 13 year old daughter took it to school (and forgot to let me know). When I asked her if she experienced anything out of the ordinary, she said "Well, my day went smoother; I wasn't as stressed out at school;  Less drama with friends and I focused more."  So of course I got her her own Purple TESLA Energy disc.


I gave a Purple Tesla Energy disc to my mother an hour later I asked her if she noticed anything, she said she had pain in her arm (on a scale from 1-10 at a 9) she said the pain was gone.  She didn't take any pain pills or anything - ust held the disk on her hand. I have since gifted to family and friends with great and positive results.  Additional testimonies to follow.

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